Membership means Ownership

Membership dollars are needed to develop the cooperative and to meet its target opening date in 2013. A $300 member investment purchases one share of common stock in Prairie Roots Food Cooperative and provides members with the benefits outlined below. Membership is subject to terms and conditions set forth in the Bylaws of Prairie Roots Food Cooperative and are available upon request to board@prairie-roots.coop.

On Friday, April 20, 2012 Prairie Roots Food Cooperative kicked off its Founding Member Drive to raise the capital needed to open a full-service natural foods co-op in the Fargo-Moorhead metro area, with a target opening date in 2013.

We need your member-owner equity now, to keep our efforts moving forward. Your member-owner equity will help provide key capital necessary to open Prairie Roots. Strong member support also demonstrates to potential lenders that there is community interest and existing financial support for a cooperative market. The core of a cooperative business is member-ownership. In joining together we can work to provide good quality food for ourselves and our community

Founding Membership

Founding Members will make a one-time membership investment of $300―this can be paid in full or you may choose to put $100 down when the membership agreement is submitted and $200 by the closing date of this campaign. If paid in full, $200 will be held in escrow at Town & Country Credit Union. The $100 is non-refundable and will be used to keep this effort moving until the co-op launch date.

Supporting Membership

Because we feel strongly about expanding access to good, healthy food, we have created the Supporting Membership whereby memberships can be purchased for an initial payment of $25, with installments of $25 or more recurring until membership is paid in full.

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How Do I Join?

Join On-Line Here!

OR Send us a check:

1. Download the Membership Form (click here)
2. Fill out the membership form by choosing the best membership option for you and your family.
3. Mail form to Prairie Roots Food Co-op, PO Box 5434, Fargo, ND 58105 (Checks should be made payable to Prairie Roots Food Co-op).

If you are interested in learning more about Preferred Stock Subscriptions or the Legacy Loans, please contact the Board of Directors: board@prairie-roots.coop.

Your member benefits start as soon as you join! You will enjoy:

· Pride in ownership

· Supporting a business that is dedicated to strengthening our local food system

· Subscription to The Prairie Fork, Prairie Roots’ newsletter

· The right to vote in elections for our board of directors, as well as the right to run for a seat on the board

Upon store opening, members will also receive these benefits:

· One-stop shopping for all of your grocery needs

· Supporting a business that provides local jobs

· Member Specials—sales just for member-owners at Prairie Roots Food Co-op

· Case lot discounts on special orders

· Patronage refunds based on how much you shop when the co-op generates surplus profit, as declared by the board of directors

· Member-owner discounts on classes and workshops at Prairie Roots