Frequently Asked Questions

1.      What is Prairie Roots Food Co-op?

Prairie Roots is a food cooperative working to open a full-service, consumer-owned grocery store serving the people of the Red River Valley.

2.      Why Join Now?

Because the sooner you join, the sooner Prairie Roots will open: as a cooperatively owned business, we need YOU to be able to open the doors. Become a founding member and when the store opens, you will know that you were truly one of the ones who made it possible. The sale of founding shares in the co-op will help us build the community support and financial backing necessary to open the store. The names of all founding member-owners will also be prominently displayed in the store to remind us that we are, collectively, the owners of our own food source!

3.      When will the store open?

The short answer is, when you buy a share! Because the capital to open a cooperatively-owned grocery comes from individuals across the community instead of a single private investor or corporation, we rely on member investments (YOU!) to provide the necessary funds to open our store–it is our member-owner equity that will leverage further financing to open the doors. We have a current goal of 1,000 member shares sold, so the best way to accelerate the opening process is to become a founding member!

4.      Can I buy more than one share?

Yes! You’re welcome to further support the co-op by purchasing multiple shares, and it helps the co-op by demonstrating great equity. While purchasing additional shares is a great way to support the co-op, there is no resulting increase in rights and benefits for members with multiple shares. Contact a board member at board@prairie-roots.coop for more information on additional share options.

5.      Will only members be able to shop at the store?

The store will be open to the public and anyone will be able to shop there.

6.      Other than becoming a member-owner, what else can I do to help?

1. Ask Your Friends to Join – Host a House Party: Many existing Prairie Roots members first heard about Prairie Roots through word of mouth. A house party is a great opportunity for you to invite some friends to your place for a casual, informative discussion about Prairie Roots, with opportunities to join right then and there. You provide the space, snacks, and some interested friends, and Prairie Roots will arrange for a neighborhood co-op member to give a short presentation and answer questions. If hosting a party is not something of interest, you can always point friends to prairie-roots.coop to join online.

2. Host a Short Presentation: You can facilitate a meeting for a group of interested folks through your workplace or community group. Like a house party, but without your house. Instead, arrange for an Prairie Roots member to make a short presentation to a group of people at your work or other group. Maybe you work at a hospital or are a member of a book club. Think about your kickball team, the ad agency where you work or your new moms’ play group…

3. Join our crew of willing volunteers! Volunteering is great for your resume. Opportunities include “tabling” at events including farmers markets; speaking and answering questions at house parties and presentations as a Prairie Roots Ambassador; planning events; working with supportive local businesses; coordinating with event hosts; networking on behalf of Prairie Roots! Sign up to volunteer here.